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Bathmate Hydromax Xtreme Official Sales Center

Number 1 in the world

Made with Bathmate brand and patent, it is the first penis pump used with water. The Bathmate Hercules model sold more than 1 billion.

Hydromax series was produced with development activities. 35% better results possible with Hydromax. It also has more durable and easy handling. Small size: Hydromax x20, standard size: Hydromax X30 (same size as Bathmate Hercules), medium size: Hydromax x40.

The Xtreme series has emerged with the latest development activities. It has very practical usage with hand pump and as 4 size models: small size: Xtreme X20, standard size: Xtreme X30, medium size: Xtreme X40, large size: Xtreme X50. In addition, Xtreme models are all delivered with a special box containing all accessories.

All our products are delivered with registration certificate and 2 year warranty. We deliver the depot, which is central England, to every part of the world.


The skin is made from safe material. Using patented Hydro technology. The world's first water-powered penis pump. High quality, long life, practical, high performance penis pump. was sold on the world market from England, it is the first model called Hercules penis pump.


The first penis pump with hydrotechnology that works with water. It sold over 1 million in the world.

  • up to 95% success as a penis pump.
  • 250% more efficient than air-powered pump.
  • The skin is made from safe materials.
  • It is safer to use because it works with water.
  • You notice the immediate effect at first use.
  • It has a very high performance.

have questions, please contact for ...WHATSAPP: +90 553 979 27 44


  • Length: 26 cm
  • Cleaning: warm water with soap
  • Max. Penis diameter: 5 cm
  • Max. Penis size: 19 cm
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 0.68 Kg

When choosing a hercules model as a standard size, you should be sure that you have the appropriate penis size and penis size. For example: if your current penis diameter 3.5 cm, 15 cm penis size can easily choose. If the penis diameter is 4.2 cm and the size is 17, you should definitely choose 1 oversize model.


First, make sure that the product is clean, then keep the tip with one hand while filling the water to prevent water from flowing (it will flow because the mechanism does not work). Place the penis without spilling too much water, push the product into your body with your hands, as the excess water goes out and the penis is absorbed in the vacuum and max. length and width. Do not worry because the water is very safe with its power and hydro mechanism. When the excess water stops flowing out, the penis has reached its maximum thickness and length and will go into standby mode.

The shower hanger provides you convenience in the standby mode. In stand-by mode, apply for 15 minutes one time, and at the end you will remove the product by pressing the valve surrounding the black key (never turn the valve because this will cause the mechanism to break down; Or you will repeat the session for 5 minutes 3 times a day, which is much better.

Do not forget! Use at least 5 days a week, once a day and for a total of more than 15 minutes, if you see a negative effect, please consult a specialist.

For more detailed information, we recommend you take a look at the videos page.

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Warranty conditions

This product is covered by the manufacturer for 2 years warranty. Product damaged usage, user mistakes etc. are offered for sale for 24 months under international warranty conditions.

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